Frequently Asked Lock and Security Questions

These are some of the more common questions fielded to locksmiths.



What services do Locksmiths offer?

A professional Locksmith will provide the consumer or business owner with reliable & accurate security information and expert installation services, from simple rekeying of a cabinet lock to the complete design and installation of a state of the art master key system.

I've just moved into a new home and I'm concerned about security. What should I do first?

First, we recommend rekeying the existing locks on your doors. This prevents any previous holders of keys to gain entry to your home. Next, we recommend having dead bolts fitted to the external doors, patio bolts fitted to sliding glass doors, and window bolts to all accessible windows. Your home Insurance may require all of the above.

I lost my key. Can you put wax in it to make a mold?

No. This is another common myth. Wax will only clog up your lock. Nothing else. A locksmith can be called out, however, and can make a key to fit your lock. Sometimes the lock will have to be taken apart to make the key, and other times a key blank is inserted and a key is impressioned. This means that the locksmith wiggles the key in such a manner so as to make marks on the key, and then he files at the marks until the key is made. This takes a lot of skill, patience, know-how, and a good eye.

My keys are stamped "DO NOT DUPLICATE" Why are extra keys showing up?

Stamping a key does not prevent duplication. Only restricted keyways can prevent unauthorized duplication. In other words, if the key blank is commercially available, then it can be duplicated by any locksmith.

I have a key with a number on it, can you make a key from that number?

Some manufacturers do put a number on the head of the key that we can originate a key from, but in most cases the number on the head of the key is a key blank number or a part number.

The back door to my business has a Panic Bar across the door that anyone can push to get out, can I lock it from the inside so no one can exit without asking?

In most cases here in Oklahoma a back door must be free to exit at all times and equipped with an easy to operate "common knowledge single motion access" locking device, the answer is to install an alarmed pilfer guard device, this device, is battery operated and self-contained and will sound an alarm when in the armed state and the door is opened, it can be armed by a key that can be keyed the same as your door key, or by a numeric keypad that you choose the combination, these units are U.L. Rated and can prevent unauthorized, un-knowing use of the door.


My business has about 20 doors and I need 10 of these doors to have different keys for each employee but I just want to carry 1 key to get in them all?

Yes we can master key 10 doors, 100 doors or 1000 doors we can design and tailor a COMPUTER GENERATED MASTERKEY SYSTEM that will suit your needs perfectly, we will help you implement a key system that will meet 'four requirements and needs.

At my business I have to change the locks on my doors every time I lose an employee, even though I get the key back is there anything I can do to prevent rekeying every time?

There are numerous key systems available that are patented and restricted and cannot be duplicated by any means other than ordering from us, we maintain signature cards and check authorization prior to any keys being produced, thus if employees are given these keys and return them upon termination there is no need to do a rekey again. A system of this nature can pay for itself time and time again while increasing your security 10 fold.

I've lost my keys, do I have to replace my locks?

This is not necessary. Most locks can be rekeyed at a far lower cost than replacing the entire lockset.

I found a deadbolt lock at a home center for $9.95 and a deadbolt at your shop that sells for $32.95? Why such a big price difference?

The home center in most cases will not carry the same quality hardware that a professional Locksmith will have available. We specialize in security not just trying to offer something at the cheapest price possible. We will match the type of deadbolt or security hardware for the application in which it is being installed, so often a consumer will purchase and install a $9.95 deadbolt to install on the front door to their new house. That's $9.95 that is protecting your whole house, your family and all your valuables, think about it!

I have 4 different keys for my home. Can I do anything about that?

Yes! There is nothing worse than fumbling through many keys to find the correct key. We usually install locks with one key to operate all locks. To solve this problem, we can come to your house and complete the work there.

I had a towing service unlock my car for me and now my outside handles won't open the door. What happened?

A linkage rod which connects the handle to the lock has been knocked loose and needs to be reconnected. A properly trained locksmith is aware of this possibility and will take great care to avoid this situation. Should this happen, the locksmith is qualified to repair the linkage.

My friend says that you have master keys to houses and cars to let people back in. Is this true?

No. This is a very common myth. The general public thinks that we carry one master key for specific types of locks or vehicles. The only way for a lock to operate on a master key is if the locksmith puts more than one set of pins into the lock. (With vehicles, this is next to impossible, since most of the vehicles use "wafers" or "discs", not "pins".) Perhaps you may have seen, or heard of somebody using "rocker keys", or "jiggler keys", or "tryout keys". These are made usually for automotive applications, and are keys, or flat metal, with cuts made to "half depths" --.that is, half-way between the factory cuts. When jiggled, some of them will open up locks quite quickly. A specific vehicle may have 20 or more tryout keys to operate that vehicle, and they may not work that well, depending on how worn out the locks are. If indeed there was a master key for all locks or all vehicles, think of what would happen if it got into the wrong hands, and what kind of lawsuit these lock or automotive manufacturers would be facing.

What is a restricted key system?

A restricted key system is a patented key system, which provides control on who can obtain duplicate keys to your premises. Those authorized to duplicate these keys are maintained on file. Keys won't be cut until a written request signed by an authorized person is received. A log of all keys cut and who authorized them are also maintained. Restricted key systems also provide extra protection against lock pickers. Some are even considered pick-proof. The locksmith will keep records of each key cut and we recommend that the authorized Signatory keeps a key log as well.


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Your Identification may be requested and recorded prior to any work.